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Year Program Lightwork Spain

Due to its big success in the Netherlands; Year Program Lightwork in Spain!

Does the word ‘Lightwork’ resonate with you? Do you feel that it’s time for you to choose for light and start shining your life? Do you long for a deep and loving connection with Yourself? With the Lightworker in you?

You are most welcome to the lifechanging Year Program Lightwork of the Lightworker Academy.

Once a month, in a period of nine months, you are invited to come to this beautiful place which is called Las Peñas in Canillas de Aceituno. We will work in a small group of like-minded people. In this spiritual journey you will encounter the lightworker in you. You will learn how to open your heart, to love yourself deeply and reconnect with your own beautiful light. Discover a new dimension in which you can feel love and your light. A dimension where you come Home.

The year program will offer you the following topics:

Lesson 1: Introduction. What is Lightwork? What does it mean, what do you do as a lightworker and why do you resonate with this word?

Lesson 2: Feelings and emotions. As a lightworker you are an energetic sensitive soul. Sometimes lightworkers feel feelings and emotions of other people. You might feel lost in emotions, not knowing if certain feelings are from you or from the other. In this lesson you will learn how to deal in a safe and calm manner with feelings and emotions. You will learn how to deal with feelings of another person and in the meantime take care of yourself. As well you will discover the message your emotions give to you. In this beautiful day you will learn things you will enjoy the rest of your life!

Lesson 3: Self Love. In this lesson you will encounter that part in you which IS love. Not the emotional and conditional love you might have known as a human being, but True Love. Or as the Greeks called: Agape. You can find this deep and unconditional Love in yourself. This love heals you from within. It’s very powerful and once you have felt it from within, it changes your life. You do not long anymore for a perfect partner or want to change anymore your current partner. You stop begging for love, once you have found this Great Love within.

Lesson 4: Soul and Ego As a lightworker its important to live more and more from the level of your soul. Today you will start to recognize the voice, energy and messages of your ego. Sometimes this is the voice of an inner critic which can really terror you. During exercises we do in this day, you will unravel the ego. Automatically, there will be more space for your soul to express itself. You will discover the difference energetically and learn how to get into the realm of the soul easily.

Lesson 5: The mission of your Soul. Do you know why you are on earth? What’s the purpose and meaning of your life? Everyone on this earthy journey has a specific goal or goals. In this inspiring day you will discover your unique purpose why you are on earth in this lifetime.

Lesson 6: Intuition. A lightworker uses its intuition as an inner compass. Its of utmost importance to start listening to this - sometimes quiet - voice. It helps you tremendously on your human journey. It leads you to those circumstances and situations which will feed you the most. In this day you will discover how bright your intuition is. You will be surprised!

Lesson 7: Higher dimensions. In this lesson you will discover the assistance you get from the universe. You will get to know these dimensions and build up a wonderful mutual friendship. Together with your intuition, the higher dimensions might help your tremendously on your spiritual path and life journey.

Lesson 8: Practical integration of all tools. Spirituality is not separated from daily life. On the contrary. Its very important to live the insights you have discovered. Otherwise its just more thoughts in your head. Wisdom is applied knowledge. That’s why we will examine today how you can implement your spiritual journey into your daily life. What would you like to do with all insights, tools and skills you learned? How can you live your daily life in the perspective of a lightworker? What does that mean and what kind of implications will that cause? We will write down your mission statement.

Lesson 9: Evaluation Today we evaluate the past nine months. We look back from where you started. What do you take with you? What needs more attention? How are you going to do that? What to do you need to fulfill that desire? We will end this training with a powerful ritual.

Do you feel that the Lightworker Academy is the place to be for you? Is this your perfect divine timing? Can you feel a big Yes coming from your heart? You are most welcome!

Please mail for an registration form: info@lightworker-academy.nl
Do you want to meet Irene personally before deciding? Ask for a Skype or phone meeting.

Practical details
Dates: Friday 25 September 2020, Friday 16 October, 20 November, Saturday 2 January 2021, Friday 26 February, Friday 26 March, Friday 7 May and Friday 4 June 2021.

We start at 10.30 am till 16 pm.
Price Year Program: 1250 euro
Location: Casa Las Peñas (in the country, not in the village)
Calle Las Peñas 6 in Canillas de Aceituno, region of Malaga, Andalusia.

The language spoken during this training will be English.
Irene speaks good English; however she is not native.